Author Guidelines
Submission Guide
1. The Editorial Board welcomes the submission of articles for consideration. Papers will normally be original contributions not previously published or not in course of reviewing or publishing elsewhere. A separate cover sheet accompanying the manuscript must precise the respect of theses conditions.

2. The manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail to the Editor-in-Chief.

3. All accepted manuscripts will receive blind review. Under no circumstances will the identity of the referees be disclosed to the author(s) or to any person not involved in the editorial decisions.

4. In order to submit a paper, the author must have read and accept the Ethics charter of the RERU bellow. The cover letter must be completed and sent with the submitted manuscript.
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Instructions for authors
1. Full articles published in RERU should normally not exceed the following range : 15 to 20 pages (4 000-12 000 words) without the references, appendices, summaries, tables and figures.

2. The form and content of the manuscript should be carefully adapted to the editorial norms of the journal.

3. The first manuscript page should provide the title, the name(s) of the author(s), the institutional affiliations, the fax number and/or e-mail address. A short note should also be included in order to identify the corresponding author who will check proofs and receive offprints. Author (s) are encouraged to look at recent RERU volumes and note the style when preparing manuscripts.

4. The first manuscript page should contain 2 to 5 key-words (French and English) as well as the Journal of Economic Literature index number(s).

5. Abstracts (French and English) should develop a relevant idea of the content of the paper. They should not exceed 150 words in order to fit into the norms of indexation.

6. Copies must be typewritten on one side of the paper only, double spaced with wide margins. Titles and subtitles should be short. All tables, illustrations, figures, diagrams and maps should be included directly in the text of the paper.

7. A limited number of explanatory notes are permissible. They should be typed on separate pages.

8. The full list of references should include only authors quoted in the text.

9. The full list of references should be presented in alphabetical order.

10. The full list of references should be styled on the form of the following examples :

- Journal article : ISARD W (1999) Regional science : Parallels from physics and chemistry. Papers in Regional Science 78(1):5-20.

- Complete book : FRANKHAUSER P (1994) La Fractalité des structures urbaines. Ed. Anthropos-Economica, Paris.

- Contribution to a book : SALLEZ A (1996) L’imaginaire des projets urbains. In Derycke PH, Huriot JM, Pumain D (eds) Penser la Ville. Théories et modèles. Ed. Anthropos-Economica, Paris, 173-199.

Conforming to « Instructions for authors » before submission will increase the chances of acceptance for reviewing.
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Refereeing process
1. The manuscripts submitted for publication to the RERU are sent to an Associated Editor and are further evaluated in a blind and anonymous manner.

2. The papers are submitted, by the Associated Editor, for assessment to at least two referees whose identity, regardless the circumstances, will not be communicated to the authors or to any other person not involved in the editorial process.

3. After taking into account the remarks of the referees, the authors will send the revised manuscripts via email to the RERU Editorial Secretariat RERU:

4. Taking on board the remarks and the changes suggested by the editors and the referees and applying the publication norms put forward by the reviewers and the editors of the RERU increase the chances of a manuscript being accepted for publication.

5. Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, a copy of the journal volume in which the manuscript is published and a .pdf of the article will be sent to the authors.
Editorial Process after Review
1. Articles should be corrected and returned to the Editorial Assistant by e-mail.

2. Page Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author. They must be carefully re-read. Major alterations or revisions of the text cannot be accepted. Corrections should be limited to printer’s errors.

3. A specimen of RERU in which their text is been published and a pdf of the article are send to the authors.

Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine leaves the whole responsability for their writings to the authors.
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